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Why use social media for your business?
 Your customers can easily recommend you to their friends.
 You can show the personal side of your business.
 Continue customer relationship on a one to one level.
 An easy means for you to create your brand awareness.
 A stage for you to manage your business reputation.
 Ability to portray your expertise with new prospects.
 An easy way to connect with loads of potential prospects.
 A simple way to get more people to visit your website.

How do we do social media for you?.
 Create your social media strategy.
 Setup your social media business pages (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.,).
 Get your permanent social media business address (URL).
 Design relevant cover images.
 Get likes, shares and followers .
 Build your fan base.
 Do regular status updates.
 Search and share relevant industry specific news articles periodically.
 Create custom questions and polls.
 Encourage fans to post recommendations.
 Influence fans to interact and share .
 Delete spam posts.
 Reply back to comments and likes.
 And lot more.

Bliga Design Consultants - Website Design Company

Bliga Design Consultants is a small, dynamic and highly-focused software development and consulting services website. We offer a broad range of products, providing customers with a variety of softwares & websites solutions perfectly suited to their particular business system requirements to achieve business growth and success.

Why Choose Our Website Packages?

We offer website design & development for customers in South Africa and International. Bliga Design Consultants is all about the process of planning and creating a website on the internet. Our web designers ultilize mark-up language, most notably HTML for structure and CSS for customize as well as JAVASCRIPT to add interactivity to develop web pages that can read by all known web browsers.


 Web design Development
 E-commerce Website Development
 Flash/Animated Websites
 Websites Developed for Smartphones


 Google Adword Campaigns
 Social Media Marketing
 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
 Marketing & Websites


 Logo Design (Corporate to Basic)
 Print Design (Business Cards)
 Posters, Flyers & Brochures
 Email Signatures

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