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Bliga Internet marketing is one of the most effective ways to bring a business to exciting new levels of success. As Internet marketing consultants we've seen our clients grow from small ventures to thriving enterprises. Our SEO services have helped small businesses become established brands and Fortune many companies to dominate their markets. We have alot of experience as an online marketing company and also as an SEO company. We've seen what powerful, multi-faceted marketing strategies have done for others and we know what they can do for you.

Effective Internet marketing relies on a comprehensive multi-faceted campaign. There is no one online marketing service or strategy that leads to success. Bliga Internet Marketing employs specialists in multiple website marketing services to make sure our clients have the best chance to reach and even exceed their goals. The world of online marketing is constantly in motion and your choice of an Internet advertising company is an important one. Trust the experts and your SEO consultant at our Internet marketing company to follow every development and to provide you with the most up-to-the-minute advice and strategy.

Bliga Design Consultants - Website Design Company

Bliga Design Consultants is a small, dynamic and highly-focused software development and consulting services website. We offer a broad range of products, providing customers with a variety of softwares & websites solutions perfectly suited to their particular business system requirements to achieve business growth and success.

Why Choose Our Website Packages?

We offer website design & development for customers in South Africa and International. Bliga Design Consultants is all about the process of planning and creating a website on the internet. Our web designers ultilize mark-up language, most notably HTML for structure and CSS for customize as well as JAVASCRIPT to add interactivity to develop web pages that can read by all known web browsers.


 Web design Development
 E-commerce Website Development
 Flash/Animated Websites
 Websites Developed for Smartphones


 Google Adword Campaigns
 Social Media Marketing
 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
 Marketing & Websites


 Logo Design (Corporate to Basic)
 Print Design (Business Cards)
 Posters, Flyers & Brochures
 Email Signatures

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